And so what?

And  so what if I want to wear a new dress the day I bought it?

Is there a written contract saying I am under constriction of feeling good about myself, my interests…my own likings?

I feel that in todays where there are so many constraints and restraints of what we should and should not do. We are constantly under lock down of our own passions and desires because the rest of the world does not seem to think its a good idea to eat left overs for three days in a row, or roll out of bed at 3 in the afternoon.

It seems almost ironic how I myself speak at this view. I am a teenager after all. We are supposed to be rebellious and out of control. Have a mind of our own and think we own the world….right? We are supposed to be the ones who don’t know shit because we have “not lived long enough” but think we know everything, and don’t give a damn about what people think of us. Cursing the world as we grow older, and running away from stress and dullness. We are the ones that every singer and artist portrays in their newest images, of escaping into the wilderness, of finding love at first sight, of experiencing the world at our finger tips. We are the underdogs, and the renegades, and the rascals, and the mischievous wildings. We don’t care what people say, and we go about our lives with no regrets….right?

Not exactly. See, when you live in a world like mine… you have no time to be a teenager. A family of four, basically fleeing from a politically corrupted land…left with nothing but shard glasses in our knees from crawling through the dirt of the unknown and the confused. We have been lost for so long that we forgot what it means to live freely. I have forgotten…. even being the “rebellious” teenager that I am.

Now I come to a home that smells of must, and the kind I am used to after a heavy rain where the earth leaves its aromas of mildew and soil. No, I come to a home where my parents feel I have embraced the lifestyle of the peers around me and have no more direction or drive to want to be better then I am. Although I think quite the opposite, I am afraid of changing into what they perceive of me. And maybe its ok for change to happen, but in a world like mine that can only mean you have received a job and are now paying the bills and taxations. Im 17…. have they forgotten?

Today I suddenly realized how young my sister is…she is 15. 2 years younger then I am. This seems odd? Of course she isn’t that much younger then I am, and most will believe that she acts the way every 15 year old would act. Getting rowdy and pretentious and behaving like a ….well… teenager. But I often forget how young she is because for her age, she seems almost wiser and more delicate then most of the friends I have made. She is too smart for her own good, and uses the advantage of making me look bad to make herself look better…typical younger sisters. Yet, she has not experienced half as much as I have in my lifetime of being a teen, and has no regrets of that whatsoever. Her personage is strong and independent….and it drains me to think how much she is growing up when all I want is for us to go back in time pretending to be princesses in the garden and care for each of our stuffed animals in our little palace… our sanctum.

Moving has aged us all.

And I see now how much I miss being free…being alive. I miss feeling myself again. So today I say…so what?

So what if I want to sing to songs I dont know the lyrics to

So what if I want to make a film with absolutely no plot.

So what if I wanna go swimming at midnight, and running in the rain. So what if I wanna spend a few extra dollars on food, or clothes, or anything I want.

So what if I wanna be a little frisky, testing the nature of my mind and the reactions of others.

So what if I wanna kiss someone in front of the world, and try to get a job when I have 10001 other priorities I could focus on.

So what if I wanna meet my neighbors when they tell me not to, or simply sit in silence when the rest of the air seems to be shouting.

I am a teenager… but Im also human, and I want to exist again. Im tired of stress, and chores, and to do’s hanging over my head…I want to walk in the storm instead….maybe just maybe laugh a little too.


Breathing? A little Venting…

Today was a bad day? Why? Because I do not easily accept failure in my life… I cannot handle detours easily. And it hurts.

I am going to be frank, I dont think I have been completely honest with you. I have hidden my true face under a mask of love sickness and hope. Iv told myself it is going to be ok, and that average is good when underneath the makeup, there is a rough skinned face…deteriorating slowly.

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A day that seemed almost a complete waste turned into something that showed me a little more about myself. 

It has been blazing hot here in Florida the last few weeks. And with the heat comes this endless exhaustion. Like you have 100 tons sitting on your chest stopping you from breathing. The air is so thick you can literally feel yourself moving through it. 
And sitting in a tax office to collect a driver permit for 3 hours is not at all what you want to be doing in these conditions. 
The robot ladies repetitive voice is going to haunt me in my sleep. “Now serving 3.6.7 at tax station 4” “now serving 1.6.0 at tax station 9”. It leaves you lifeless and brain dead in a hall of 100 people, watching them muffle and muddle around, fanning themselves, soothing their children, picking at their irriatated bodies. The occasional chatting co sitters talking about their grandkids or their jobs. 
I have been meaning to get to this zombie hall for a while to collect my permit, but being new I had no idea what the procedures in this country would be. So… like the mob… I followed not knowing after 3 hours of waiting I would spend 10 minutes finding out I would actually need to make an appointment to collect my permit. 
In the 30 websites I looked at for this one permit not one stated the exact requirements needed for this situation. 
3 hours wasted. I hate that. 
Walking to my car to get on with the day I felt completly useless.. until the one moment. I heard a little yell come from the van next to me. 
I  looked in, and up jumped this tiny bouncing dog. A mix I think… beagal and jack russle. It was adorable…. and dying in a burning van. 
I quickly remember reading that it was against the law to leave any living thing in a vehical parked… especially in this heat. 
I decided going to the sherrifs office across the road would be my best bed to get this poor puppy out, so I went… called the number on the window and in minutes a sherrifs car was patrolling around my area looking for me… to get the dog out. 
The man talked through his walkie talkie and said he was going until the van, in a slick movement opening the car door. 
The puppy was sure happy to get out… fumbling out of the van like it was slightly drunk. 
It took about another 40 mins for the sherrif to find the owners of the car… in which I felt completly awkward standing there, looking over their dog knowing they knew I was the one who reported them. 
I have never in my life done anything of this sort… but after a few words exchanged, the sherrif let the ladies off with a warning… and thanked me for my service…. me! 
I’m not sure anyone would think of my doing as a “big deal” but for me, I made the most of today with one thought… the thought to do something about it. 

It taught me a little more about myself… that I’m a doer. I like to take action, make a difference… but I often think I can’t do it or I’m not good enough. 

Today I did something… when the world around me has been slightly deteriorating 

Or rather I feel it will about to with the amount of test results coming out soon and deadlines to meet… the stress I am too familiar with that interlocks my life is encroaching on me… I’m a little frightened. 

 But fear is just a concept…. I heard it in my voice when I was on the phone with a sherif but I did something about it… I didn’t let it get to me… I let the bigger picture speak… and it turned out to be a pretty awesome day. 

Not everything goes as we plan, and we don’t all have perfect lives… I know that…. but we can treasure the good things we have in our lives…. our values and motives. 
We can make ourselves aware of the more important things in life… no matter how small…. or fluffy they may be. 

Cloud Nine 

It’s become a little love fest in the world around me. Seems like the air is thinner and fluffier and I actually enjoy smiling. I know it’s temporary. I know the rolling dark clouds of stress and deadlines will crowd my little parade and make it rain all day. As long as I remember that it will end eventually and I can go back to seeing a picture of myself and genuinely remember being happy. 
He… makes me so happy. I hate cliche love drama, with unnecessary publicity for it… I’m over my days of teenage love affairs… but I love being with this …one. 
This nerdy and fact frenzy boy that makes my heart race. Makes me do things and say things I never thought I would want to say so badly. It’s rolling off my tongue and I’m scared I won’t be able to help it. He can’t control himself but …. I can’t control my mouth.
I feel I have my moments of advanatage but he has be on cloud nine right now. 
I didn’t think his controlling demeanor would reel me in so fast but maybe it’s because I have been desperate for this attention since I moved. For someone to say the words “I understand” even if they don’t. 
For someone to want to spend time with me. 
I know this is only the flirting part of any good relationship. But it’s addictive… being around him.
I used to think that a good relationship was made up of spontaneous perfect moments… but the moments with him are perfect because they are true… and that’s what Iv been craving. 
He looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking… and he smiles. These are the moments that make the hairs on my arms stand up because… I feel whole around him. 
I love him…. I know that. And Iv never been more sure about how much I like someone until him. But he is so bad for me right now. Our stories and lives so incomparable I’m not sure how I’m supposed to handle that throughout the year. 
Was it my fault for being so sure I didn’t want to get into anything with him… or was it the fact I said I wanted to wait. 
He challenges me….my comfort zones. He brings me out of them and I guess that’s why I’m getting so much more comfortable around him. It’s also cause I haven’t seen him in ages and he has to understand that girls get needy too sometimes… have their wants. 
I guess the best thing for me to do… thinking strategically is go with the flow. It will hurt if it has to come down to something I don’t wanna think about, but that’s if time tells us it must come down to that. I want him all to myself rn… at least for this time, but he is so busy that I’m the one looking hella desperate. I can’t focus without my dose of him(lol). 
Go with my priorities and see where currency takes me…
The time and universe will guide me and my passions. 
Ugh he is so wonderful ❤ 

Him and Me and Us

Its killing me…. legitimately. I get up and have a mere thought of wanting to be with him and it ruins the rest of my day. Im bogged down and have no square inch of energy in me to do anything but distract my mind with beautiful pictures of him…. and me…. and us. Why am I mad? Why is anger taking over the way I feel about him. I know its not his fault that he is busy right now, and I know he planned this trip and activities…and lifestyle way before he had met me. Who am I to want him to my myself? Who am I to tell him that I want him to just come back for me? Im selfish…. and greedy with him, and I look back at our words to each other and think, maybe he wanted me more then. Why does distance and space always make me want a person more. Why cant I feel like that when they actually around me. And then when they are not…. why cant I take the life I have without them and fill it to the rim with things I want to do. I could have finished so many fufillments… and im proud I have been able to get out of some of my funk some days. But then others, its like my mind is fully dedicated to wasting my feelings and energy on thinking about this boy…. him…me ….us.

Maybe I want him because he plays so fricken hard to get. He makes himself look like he has everything in control, and he has the best possible life, but i know behind closed doors he enjoys talking about his achievements with me. Its a skill…. to make a guy feel like a million dollars, and if he just understood how much I liked him, and dreaded the moment that became awkward or unwanted between us then he would see that I actually hate when he thinks so much about himself, and I hate that he doesn’t tell me how much he likes talking about me…us.

Is it a crime that I want him to make me feel as important as I make him. Asking him oblivious questions, receiving answers I already know. Why am i putting in all this effort, when we can have 5 mins to hear each others voices and he till chooses to scroll through his feeds at this time instead of being humbly interested in me. Ok, im not on an exotic trip, and I actually have more time then he does, but that doesn’t make my life unimportant or un-talk-worthy. Why can’t he just ask…..and not just the basic “how was ur day” question.

Is it because im so used to having someone who wanted to be intimate with me… and had more time then I did. Is it because he doesn’t know how to have a commited relationship? He says im important… and he enjoy’s being with me but maybe he only knows how to act in the “fling” type relationship.

Say we do go out. Say we are with each other….. what changes? what privileges do I get? What’s new from what is happening now. It makes me sad because I always wanna tell him so much…. but then again….im only known him for a couple months, and we have only been going out for like 3 weeks which….calculated…. means…he doesn’t really know me….which…sums together to


a relationship where we don’t really know what we are getting ourselves into.

ok sure. We have had our deep meaningful convo, once or twice…. but then Time happens, and there are new memories made and those old ones fade away…hence we call ourselves New people

so when school comes back in approximately 1.5 months, he’s gonna be a changed person…with less things in common to talk to me about thus less interest in me.

I am so desperately falling for him and Im ready to open up my life to him….but i refuse to do this over a betty 5 minute phone call where all I wait for is that repetitive “I have to go now”.

He’s not a little bitch so he shouldn’t act like that around me. The way he decides when the right time to say goodbye is, or when to call or…when do say or do anything with me. And im so helpless happy around him that it hurts me so much more when he has to go and he just doesn’t understand that.

I say everything….but there is always more to tell him….and there is no time and no words he could say to me that would make this all ok. Because right now I miss him like hell….but I have no rights, and its tearing me apart.


I cannot even be mad at him because when he talks to me a smile automatically appears and i just feel lighter and happier and ….. peaceful, and as soon as that call ends…this thick heavy blanket of depression and sogginess submerges my body and makes me feel so heavy.

Does he even think like this? What does he even think about. What does he say when he says he “talks about me” …. oh “she’s great”. Why is it that people are able to fall in love with him the way I do when I talk about him and when he talks about me its “they liked you just from your pictures”. He’s a guy ok….but that shouldn’t be an excuse right?

Should I tell him, that Im scared for how things are going to turn out when he comes back. He already knows my uncomfortable feels and reasonings…but he knows them in brief and Im scared he will never really understand.

And Im so afraid for that look. That look people have when they can see how messed up you are… how desperate and weird you are and have nothing to say All they can say it “that sucks”. I hate not being able to connect with people in that way….or when they have nothing to say or when….im the one at wrong. And he is to fresh in my life….i dont want to scare him with my vivid thoughts and emotions. And i dont want him to think he has control over me or has be under his tongue either.

I said we would wait….but now that means I have to make this decision up for myself, but I didnt realize I was going to become so attached after he left me. I dont know much about his life….but does that make my life worst… does that make him like me less. He says these things but I cant feel the truth or realness in his voice, and i want him to tell me we will figure this out together. Its as if when he asks me if im ok the he expects me to with me happy go lucky , yippy galore, aye ok! or….. I fricken ripped my toe off and am being rushed to the hospital. There is no sentiment in between….no, how are you feeling… are you doing ok?

I can say Im down…. or I could ask him what he would do if I was depressed and in a bad place and his answer is plain…lethargic…and wrong….”idk”.

That or, im not sure how to help, but hope you feel better. Im bigger then having to make him feel jealous to have to say these things tho. I mean… Tim would have the words im looking for in a moment like this. Not exactly all of them, but just enough to make me feel important….and worthy. Is that too much to ask for the guy you actually like and not the guy he hates…..

I cant even talk to anyone here about it because they are all too much more absorbed in their own “problems” and would never have the right advice to tell me because if its not their problem its not a problem at all.

I cant even being to start explaining to him.

Because the truth is….He is really great, but maybe its just a general guy thing…that they feel the need to have to say things back when a girl says it to them…but I want a guy to tell me they love me when I least expect it, and tell it in their own time, in their own way. I dont want them to wait for me. I want him to understand me on a spiritual level. And yeah, we have talked about our simiarities in social life…but what about internally…. what about higher degree thoughts. That’s who I am and I cant have sci fi movie/cmic book conversations every single time. There has to be something more. And it thrashes me to the ground like a physical abuser when someone says things so naturally like “no, thats lame” “no thats a bad idea” because….its bad, but I do care what people think even when I say I dont and I can have my own opinion as much as I want but as soon as the people are me….especially the ones i like to much start trashing my thoughts and mindset….i have the need to have to make them like me more somehow…make them like me…even thought its not really me their liking…its the one iv altered to benefit their liking. Its a good thing i…as in me…stand up for things that are actually morally and socially liked….except….him?

do I just choose guys that i feel the need to have to be a better version of myself for… or guys that like to take advantage of that. I want to impress them….and want them to like me so much that i cannot dare say anything that would hurt them…or say what im actually negatively thinking. its a weakness and a sin to the person I really am…but Im new and I need to not rely on people because thats what everyone expects of me right?

I never asked anyone for advice with …the other one….and everyone wanted to be us…not that it mattered….but why is this so hard, to make him want him…or to make us work like that…i mean we will when we are together but right now….i dont remember having this much miss in me. only for short times….but i had rights to say things…and this ….this “make your own desision thing” makes me even more confused and angry.

Its crazy….but I want someone to love me so much that they can’t stay away from me. I want them to be obsessed with calling or talking to me….even for a time period. I want them to want me so much that it hurts. Because right now…. I dont even know if he knows what love is.

In Betweener

Its a little sticky outside today. Sort of that “in betweener” in the middle of “its about to rain” and “wow its so sunny out”. Confused weather is what I like to call it.

Iv been putting this post off for a while now; that with my busy schedule of waking up late, surfing social media and then daydreaming the rest of the day, I hardly had enough time to write it (ha ha). Its been a blast having some time to just think, but I have a problem with just that, in that I think too much. Leave me for a few minutes, and my mind has already found a gazillion problems wrong with my life.

Time is exactly what I don’t need when there are priories that need to be fulfilled. I have thought about all the academic tasks I still need to do; EE, TOK homework, math IA, music IA, compositions, virtual school?

I can think about the fact that I told myself I was going to do all of these tasks before I lazied around, and yet was still pressured into relaxing. See I tend to not be able to relax fully when I know there are things to be done. Kind of like that feeling when you cant fall asleep because you know there is a tiny job you forgot to do, or something that you can’t get off your mind. See, right now… my life is a little like the weather…. an “in betweener”.

Its a “half hearted” puzzle of “should I relax, or should I force a college essay”. I always seem to find the perfect excuse as to why not to do my work; “oh, but my friends havnt started their ether.” “oh, but I could just apply for a job, and say I was working on that the whole time.” all BS…. because I know in this life, nothing good comes from waiting it off.

Im stressed about a little of overthought problems. Yes, many to do with me, but also the people around me.

Its fathers day, and I did not really expect anything from today. My dad hasn’t been all that jolly lately, so I thought a nice family gathering would be the best cure for him on this day.

Of course, Stress and Anger got in the way of my parents “oh so obvious love” (that was sarcasm btw) and like my dad put it best “ruined the day”. I decided I would sit there as my sister quickly made an escape by saying she would start cleaning up the table. By me being there I ensured there would be no tragic causes.

I have always been the one to speak up from all my siblings in the family. Not just for myself, but for what is right, for the rest of my family, for the sake of having peace. I do take the fall for it though, and my reputation you could say, has been almost shattered in my family because of my stronger will. I take it however. If i believe something is worth fighting for, then I will sacrifice what is necessary.

Today was not a day for fighting. So I waited until the insults were exchanged and tried not to make any exaggerated movements because that always rallied them up more.

My mom was the one to leave, and I sat there in silence, staring at my father. He vented, and mourned over the losses he has faced that my mother would never understand. I mended the wounds for her, telling him of the mutiple compliments my mother awarded him when he did not recognize it. We cried, and giggled a little. We agreed and talked. I have never felt more connected to my dad then I did today. Telling him how I have felt I have failed, by not succeeding his expectations. He told me I “astonished” him in that I have built myself up in such a short amount of time. I teared up and gave him his fathers day cards.

Writing has always been my doorway to expression. I have been able to clearly explain my feelings and emotions to someone when I would otherwise not be able to say out loud. The time it takes for me to write something that I truly mean out is less than that I would have to think of it. Grammatically incorrect, but emotionally real.

My dad is the one person who can make me cry when I see him cry…. I hope he keeps that letter forever, because its the closest I have been to him for a long time.

The end of this day consisted of him kissing my mother on the head and telling her he was sorry.

There are some things I overthink unnecessarily. Like how much work I have to get done. But then there are some aspects like this. If I had wasted my time thinking about how much I have to yet fulfill I would never be able to connect with people the way I did today. So, sometimes its ok to not be with it, because you wouldn’t want to miss something even more valuable.


Happy Fathers Day to all the loving Pops!