Blogging has been a hobby, career, obligation that many people have done for years. For some it is an everyday activity, for others it is a deeper more extensive activity.

For me, writing in general has been my sanctum. When I write my mind is finally able to express itself and words appear on a page. Blogging to me is a safe zone, from all the realities and pressures a teenage girl can have.

I am 17. I recently moved from Zimbabwe to Florida due to a major economic crisis that caused my family and I to flee a country I had lived and grown with my entire life. It has been everything my knowledge and thoughts are, so I guess by now you can imagine what sort of move mine has been… not easy. The drastic change in my life has caused me to believe I have nothing I own, know for sure, have for myself in this world…except writing. Yes my writing is nothing special. No new vocabulary and multiple grammatical errors. But when the mind “speaks” it does not think if an apostrophe should be after the word “vent” or not. I have never been so good with expressing my words, and so this blog is purely for myself, to be able to express myself freely and make sense of my surroundings.

If you do not enjoy expression of the mind and prefer factual, less emotional blogs then this is not the blog for you. In fact, Im longing for someone to share their personal, emotional experiences and I would prefer that you find entertainment in your readings some place else.

If you want to know what this blog is about… its about me, because after all that is the life I am living. But it also about life…

and sacrifice, and sadness and love. It is about interaction and experience …. it is about change.