Today I felt so special! It’s not often I get to say that because I don’t think of people thinking of me… If that’s even a logical concept. I think of my own thoughts a lot, think about myself, but when other people go out of their way for me… it shocks me, confuses me almost

… why would anyone want to put in that effort for me? 

He’s everything I could ever dream of. He makes me feel so good about myself… with his eyes focused on me, and his every word (although may just be to make me feel good about myself) means the world to me. 

Today was homecoming, and I spent hours trying to pick the right dress and look… but not for the event… for him. Yes yes… my whole concept of being myself regardless of a relationship was completely distraught, but I felt like he deserved it. He deserved to have someone who put in as much effort as he did for me, to be associated with. He deserved his partner to look good, and to overall have a good looking facade. 

I wanted to be his girl, and I wanted him to be proud to be my guy. I awaited my comment of how he thought I truly looked, and may have come off annoyed when he truthfully told me I always did. 

But not only that… my best friend honestly outbeats any best friend ever. Going out of her way to send a large…. threatening letter to him, warning to never break my heart or face the consequences. Atop of that, she surprised me with a rose he bought me along side his to demonstrate she would be with me on my special night… it made me very emotional ok. 

And for some reason, every comment I was given about how gorgeous I looked tonight and how pretty I was, and how lucky he was to have me by his side… stuck with me. Maybe because I cared so much about the time I put in to looking good for the dance, that it felt fulfilling to know I had done a successful job. 

I don’t often think of people thinking about me…. but tonight I learned that with a little time, and more awareness, people notice:.. you just have to put in the effort. 

It wasn’t a night I was expecting, but it made me feel more confident in myself, and that’s way more important then knowing how to grind on someone (just saying) 


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