A day that seemed almost a complete waste turned into something that showed me a little more about myself. 

It has been blazing hot here in Florida the last few weeks. And with the heat comes this endless exhaustion. Like you have 100 tons sitting on your chest stopping you from breathing. The air is so thick you can literally feel yourself moving through it. 
And sitting in a tax office to collect a driver permit for 3 hours is not at all what you want to be doing in these conditions. 
The robot ladies repetitive voice is going to haunt me in my sleep. “Now serving 3.6.7 at tax station 4” “now serving 1.6.0 at tax station 9”. It leaves you lifeless and brain dead in a hall of 100 people, watching them muffle and muddle around, fanning themselves, soothing their children, picking at their irriatated bodies. The occasional chatting co sitters talking about their grandkids or their jobs. 
I have been meaning to get to this zombie hall for a while to collect my permit, but being new I had no idea what the procedures in this country would be. So… like the mob… I followed not knowing after 3 hours of waiting I would spend 10 minutes finding out I would actually need to make an appointment to collect my permit. 
In the 30 websites I looked at for this one permit not one stated the exact requirements needed for this situation. 
3 hours wasted. I hate that. 
Walking to my car to get on with the day I felt completly useless.. until the one moment. I heard a little yell come from the van next to me. 
I  looked in, and up jumped this tiny bouncing dog. A mix I think… beagal and jack russle. It was adorable…. and dying in a burning van. 
I quickly remember reading that it was against the law to leave any living thing in a vehical parked… especially in this heat. 
I decided going to the sherrifs office across the road would be my best bed to get this poor puppy out, so I went… called the number on the window and in minutes a sherrifs car was patrolling around my area looking for me… to get the dog out. 
The man talked through his walkie talkie and said he was going until the van, in a slick movement opening the car door. 
The puppy was sure happy to get out… fumbling out of the van like it was slightly drunk. 
It took about another 40 mins for the sherrif to find the owners of the car… in which I felt completly awkward standing there, looking over their dog knowing they knew I was the one who reported them. 
I have never in my life done anything of this sort… but after a few words exchanged, the sherrif let the ladies off with a warning… and thanked me for my service…. me! 
I’m not sure anyone would think of my doing as a “big deal” but for me, I made the most of today with one thought… the thought to do something about it. 

It taught me a little more about myself… that I’m a doer. I like to take action, make a difference… but I often think I can’t do it or I’m not good enough. 

Today I did something… when the world around me has been slightly deteriorating 

Or rather I feel it will about to with the amount of test results coming out soon and deadlines to meet… the stress I am too familiar with that interlocks my life is encroaching on me… I’m a little frightened. 

 But fear is just a concept…. I heard it in my voice when I was on the phone with a sherif but I did something about it… I didn’t let it get to me… I let the bigger picture speak… and it turned out to be a pretty awesome day. 

Not everything goes as we plan, and we don’t all have perfect lives… I know that…. but we can treasure the good things we have in our lives…. our values and motives. 
We can make ourselves aware of the more important things in life… no matter how small…. or fluffy they may be. 


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