Standardized Life 

A week of no sleep, swollen eyes, throbbing heads, and non stop accelerating. This week has been hell. With the exams that are supposed to determine my energy into college, into my dreams and into my future. These tests are my worst nightmare …. the foreigner in me speaks like a victim…. speaks as if abused and vulranable. But the past week, I have had to suck in my stomach from the tremor in my throat and give it all I got. I did, and I like to think today is my reward. A day to appeas myself for doing the best I could in a time of desperation. I may not have performed to my best ability, but I got through it…. I didn’t give up, and today I applaud myself with a fresh shower of manicures and facials. I can breath and the mindset I was in smells foal, but I’m ready to kickstart, ready for the next battle to be defeated. One step at a time, one step closer to freedom. 


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