It’s sort of like an addiction. The sudden flicker of lights from your phone or the pop up advertisements for “Selena Gomez and the Weekend, Watch now”. The way my instagram and Facebook feeds entice me, charm me, poison my hands from being productive. It’s like a drug, that you have to hide away so you can focus on the life ahead of you and not just “in front of you” 

Every excuse ends with “I deserve to take a break” or “its only being balanced, I need to keep my mind balanced”… four hours later… same excuse. 

IB students are notorious for procrastination. When studying for my biology exam, I found myself trying on dresses for prom a few moments later… how those two activities add up?

… I would love to know. 

That repetitive thought when the procrastination frenzy starts is … “I probably should…. ” which leads into excuses and complaints… and more 

Wow…. 12 am already, I should probably get to sleep 

… oh look Netflix! 


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