For Myself

I need this. I know its a common reason why a lot of people start blogging but I need at least one “something” in this life that I can call my own. Using words in the real world have never been my best skill…. being able to express myself in a comfortable manner where people understand me. But on a page, in front of my eyes, its a whole new world to me. The world around me is no longer my real world, and the world that does belong to me is one I can feel relief to…And I need this. So if you believe in giving someone else to have a voice then help me out, read my work and let me know how all this works… life, pain, struggle… life. Let me know about you and let me have the opportunity to connect and share. That is all I really have in this world… ability. Age and context should not matter when you have the ability to connect and I guess that is what I am trying to find by starting this blogging hobby, I need to prove to myself I can get somewhere and not just be in this constant cycle of life. But if your looking for something more substantial to read upon then carry on your browsing, I mean we all are searching for something, but sometimes that something comes to you when you least expect it. So here’s to everyone who is searching for something, here’s to the ability to connect and change, and here’s to trying new hobbies!


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